05 November 2009

Feministing Boycott? Still On For a Reason

If you look at the column on the right, you will see there's a linked badge about boycotting Feministe and Feministing.  No, I've not forgotten to take it down.  The boycott remains.  I can't say what good it is doing, but I certainly am not going to devote my energy to Feministing where the commenters make it downright hostile to trans people without fear of moderation.  Check out the transphobic comments to this post about how having sex with cis people while in stealth is not sexual assault if you don't believe me.

Hopefully tonight I will finish up what is turning into an epic post snarking Julie Bindel's latest transphobic blatherings.


  1. Feministing is consistently full of fail. I think the main difference between feministing and feministe is that feministe fails too, but at least they make some attempt to "do better". Feministing doesn't give a flying fuck.

    And that thread? Oh god, I want to throw up.

  2. I can't disagree with the boycott. I found the piece offensive, but more so when I couldn't find an identity behind it. What's with shouting at the world but not standing up for your own voice? If you can't stand criticism, don't stand in the public light wanting anonymity and expecting us to listen.

  3. If you think the post is offensive, you're missing the point. It's the comments that are horrid. As for being psuedonymous (not anonymous), when people are that hateful it explains why someone would choose not to use their legal name. Psuedonymity can allow people to speak their truths while protecting them against those threatened by their doing so. You'll note I'm just "Lucy", for instance.